The occupancy time slot between Start and End time on the contract is the total time the renter has, including their decorations and breakdown. Tables and chairs are setup by the Venue before this timeslot.

$400 of the rent is due upfront for reservation at the time of signing contract. This fee is not refundable for any reason as it holds your event time slot just for you.

Rental fee is $1299 for a 5-hour time slot on Saturday, $999 for an 8-hour time slot on Friday/Sunday, and $699 for an 8-hour timeslot on other days. $100 rental fee for each additional hour of occupancy.

End Time:
11:59PM is the latest end time for all events. That means the music and the party must stop at least 30 minutes before then, and all the things brought in removed by 11:59PM. No breakdown is required.

Cleaning, Setup & Breakdown Fees:
No cleaning, setup or breakdown fees.

No taxes.

When is the rental fee due:
Full rental fee is due 2 months prior to the event for all events.

What's included in the price:
13+ Guest Round Tables, 120 Chairs, White Round Tablecloths, 2 8FT Serving Tables, 3 6FT Tables, , Granite Bar, Restrooms, Ceiling Sound System, 2 TVs, Kitchen for non-cooking purpose including Refrigerator, Work Tables, Sink, Ice Maker.

What's renter's responsibility:
Dispose trash using trash bags provided to the dumpster outside the Venue. Remove all belongings including any decorations, catering equipment, food & drinks in your allocated time.

What's not included:
Food, drinks, alcohol, decorations and attendants are not available from this venue. Neither are dinnerware, silverware or seat covers. All these are provided by vendors you hire or you can bring your own.

What outside vendors are allowed:
Any legal caterers and bartenders can be hired. Any outside legal vendors can be hired for other services like decorations or DJ. Renter can bring their own food and alcohol. We have a list of vendors on our website but none of the vendors are preferred.

What extra charges can be added:
Only extra charge can be $100 per hour rent for any time beyond the allocated time slot. In rare cases, there can be charges for obvious damages.

How big are the rooms:
The main room is about 1800 SQFT which can seat up to 120 guests comfortably. An attached smaller room, about 700 SQFT, can be used for dance or any other purpose. Both these rooms are included in the price.

What is the maximum seating capacity:
120 is the maximum seating capacity.

Best way to contact the Venue:
For your convenience there is an email on our website which is monitored and answered, 24-hours a day, all days of the year.
There is also a phone number listed under "Contact us" on the website which is generally not answered live, but you can leave a voice mail with your contact information for call to be returned. You can also text this phone number for quick response.
All visits to the Venue are by appointment only.
Our website is

What are rules for serving alcohol:
Rules for serving alcohol are set by the state of North Carolina. ABC permit must be obtained by the Renter for serving Liquor. Beer and Wine option does not need a permit.

Option 1: Host can serve basic beer and wine ONLY without any permit as allowed by the ABC commission of North Carolina.

Option 2: Host can obtain a "Limited Special Occasion Permit" from ABC commission of North Carolina to serve fortified wine or liquor. commission of NC for permits)