$1299 rent for up to 5 Hours on Saturday.
$1599 rent for all day on Saturday.
$999 rent for up to 8 hours on Friday or Sunday.
$699 rent for up to 8 Hours on Mon-Thur.

$400 of the rent is due upfront for reservation. Full payment is due 2 Months prior to the Event.

** All Day is 10AM till 11:59PM.

** 11:59PM is the Endtime for all events.

It is recommended for everyone to buy Event Cancellation Insurance online from an insurance company. For example, Wedsafe, Progressive, Eventsured. The BanquetOne Venue will refund or give a new date in case of a Government mandated shutdown, but the insurance covers many other scenarios.

These are standard amenities included in the price:

Tables, Chairs, White Table Cloths, Setup, Breakdown and Cleanup are provided and included in the price.(Renter is responsible for taking trash to the dumpster outside).

Guest Tables are 60" round.

Tablecloths are 120" round and white. Tablecloths are only provided for the round tables.

Three rectangular 6FT tables.

Two 8FT serving tables.

Standard banquet chairs.

Max Seating 120.

Prep Kitchen (Non-cooking purpose; icemaker, refrigerator, work tables, & water sink). Trash bags and Trash cans.

Everything brought in needs to be taken out by 11:59PM on the day of the event and trash put in the dumpster, by the renter.

Hardwood Floor in the whole Venue (Dance space can be allocated anywhere).


Fixed Granite Bar.


Ceiling has decorative beams and chandeliers.

2 Wall-mounted TVs. Ceiling Sound System.

Total Area 3300 Sq. Ft.

* Taxes and cleaning fees are included in the rent

You can bring your own Food, Alcohol, DJ, Decorations and all other Vendors. Decorations, Dinnerware, and Silverware are not available from BanquetOne.

Glitter and Tiny Paper/Plastic particles are absolutely not allowed. These stick to the floor and chairs and are a very real problem. Balloons cannot be put in the dumpster without popping them.