These are standard amenities included in the price:

Tables, Chairs and Table Cloths (setup, break down & cleaning done by the Venue)

Seating 120 - 150 (120 seats fit comfortably in the main hall, 150 seats have to be split in two rooms, please look at the layout)

Ceiling Installed Good Sound System

Two 60" TVs, CD Player, DVD Player

Equipped Kitchen (Non-cooking purposes; icemaker, refrigerator, work tables, & water sink)

Hardwood Floors (Dance space can be allocated anywhere)


Fixed Buffet Table

Fixed Refereshment Bar


Round Tables are 60". Table Cloths are ivory, all the way to the floor

Total Area 3300 Sq. Ft.

* Taxes and cleaning fees are included in the rent

(Food, Drinks, Alcohol, Dinnerware, Decorations & Attendants are not available from this Venue. Any outside vendor can be hired or you can bring your own. Typically an outside caterer can provide all these)

$1299 rent for up to 5 Hours on Friday Saturday Sunday
$899 rent for up to 5 Hours on other days
$100 rent for each additional hour
$400 of the rent is due upfront for reservation

** Venue can only be rented for contiguous hours as one time slot.

Affordable Banquet Hall in Charlotte NC