Acknowledgement of requirements for serving Alcohol and Food at BanquetOne.

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Event Date:

Permission and Conditions to Serve Alcohol and Food at Banquetone:

The renter shall follow all federal, state and local laws in serving Alcohol and Food.

Per North Carolina Law, Beer and Wine ONLY can be served without a permit. To serve LIQUOR, the host/renter must obtain an ABC Limited Special Occasion Permit and provide a copy to BanquetOne.

The renter shall assume all liability in serving Alcohol and Food. The renter shall indemnify and hold harmless BanquetOne against any liabilities arising out of Alcohol and Food served at their function. It is recommended for the renter to buy Alcohol liability insurance.

The renter shall ensure minors don't get access to Alcohol.

The renter shall NOT be permitted to SELL Alcohol (In North Carolina, Cash Bar or Alcohol served at a Ticketed Event is considered sale of Alcohol and is strictly prohibited).

BanquetOne maintains the right to cancel any function if Alcohol use/serving requirements are not met. BanquetOne does not sell Alcohol, and does not control or supervise Alcohol served at the events. The host of the event (renter) is solely responsible for control, supervision and liability of Alcohol served at their event.

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